Latest News - Southwark Transformed is part of TWT 2020


Coming Soon on September 12th 2020 A Virtual Event!

Seeking Urban Utopias

Searching for the cities we want to live in

September 12th 4-6 pm online and interactive, with four speakers and discussion breakout groups.

What could an egalitarian, affordable and sustainable city look like?

This will be an event looking at the potential for socialist, communitarian and green utopias in city design and planning, how that potential gets blocked by the property industry and what we can do about it. A panel of academics and activitsts will ex!more these utopian visions and what stands in their way. We'll be using visual material and breakout groups to encourage everyone to participate.



Organised by Southwark Transformed.




Southwark Transformed 2018


Took place on 4th August 2018 at The Green in Nunhead

“Southwark: Celebrating Past, Facing Present, Imagining Future” will engage people with a series of panels, talks, breakout sessions and workshops around the key areas concerning our community today; housing, health, education, society and of-course, the critical concern of the future of work. The central objective of this one-day conference will be to create a vibrant collaboration space within which to give voice to the people in our local and wider community who do not typically engage with politics, the Labour Party, Momentum or unions.

We look forward to seeing you there.


The Programme


Saturday 4th August 14:00-20:00

This one day event will bring together the Southwark and wider community for a day of celebration, discussion and creation. With panel talks and workshops on key areas concerning our community: housing, health, education, society and the future of work, the event will feature three big themes with a parallel arts and culture stream running throughout.

Southwark’s Radical Past

Our borough has a fertile history of radicalism. The panel will delve into past activism like the Chartists and Suffragettes. The area, though poor, was rich in inspiring people and movements which we can learn from, and apply lessons to today's struggles.

Our Community: Life, Work, Technology

“Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.” Is work changing with new technology, or is the “gig economy” just a posh term for old-fashioned drudgery? A diverse panel of people involved in today’s struggles will empower you with their ideas.

Southwark: Our Place in the World

This panel will be looking at the broader picture, including our place in Europe, grassroots community activism and the scandal of Windrush. Can we extrapolate the problems, circumstances, and history of a particular inner-London borough outwards, or are they specific to our locality?

Southwark Living: Creating the Urban Future

A secure place to call home is one of the basic requirements of civil society. How we live is the focus of this session. Are the building and regeneration works being planned, designed and constructed, going to fulfil the needs and hopes of the community? If not, how can we create something better?


During the day there will be breakout groups where people can join discussions which interest them and contribute to the richness of discourse at this event.

Art and the Spoken Word

We will also be holding workshops with spoken word artists at The Old Nun's Head during the day, for those who would like something a little different. Your entry fee to the main event covers this too.


Celebration will continue into the night with an after-party. We're planning a free crèche dependent on demand.
The venue is the Green, Nunhead Community Centre SE15 3QQ which is right next door to the Old Nun's Head pub, where
we will be having some workshops and the after party .




This event would not have been possible without the splendid support of our sponsors:

Unite, Faraday Ward Labour Party, CWU and Ian Ritchie.

We thank them for their assistance in organising this event.